It’s Berry Season!

PicMonkey Collage“The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.”

  It’s berry season here in the Pacific Northwest, with the harvest a little earlier this year with the warmer temperatures we have been having. I decided this year to try to make some blueberry freezer jam.  Freezer jam seems to keep that fresh berry taste better than canned, so it is favorite at our house. We use it for topping biscuits, ice-cream, pancakes and crepes. Or for just eating straight out of the jar-not that I would ever do that!


I wanted the jam to be a little less set, which freezer jam does tend to do. When I look for blueberry syrup, I can’t find any without high fructose corn syrup, and even then it is over $8 for a small bottle. I tried this recipe  from the ball website, although I didn’t use their pectin, I just used sure-jell.

The jam turned out perfect to use as a syrup, topping, or even as jelly for biscuits. This winter when the cold wind blows, fresh blueberry topping will be wonderful with pancakes.  Pancake mix is one of those items I have in my long term food storage pantry.  Different types of toppings would be nice in an emergency. If you top it with peanut butter instead of butter, not only be delicious, but it will get you through the morning.

Join in on the discussion, do you prefer freezer jam or canned?  What summer produce are you putting up for your pantry?

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6 thoughts on “It’s Berry Season!

  1. I like to can do both, freezer jam and cooked jam. I think the strawberry freezer jam tastes way better though! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and good luck with your potatoes and I hope your chili came out! That’s my next try or was thinking of clam chowder starter.

  2. Well, actually this is the first time that I even knew there was a difference! Great info! and love the title of your blog! Thanks for visiting me!

  3. I miss the Pacific North West! I was born in Washington and Grew up in Northern California. Our crops are being destroyed by all the rain we are having in the north east! My tomatoes are rotting-my peppers aren’t growing, and I barely got any strawberries. There won’t be enough jam to last the year. Found you through Frugal By Choice link up!

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